20 October 2012   A Most Wanted Man Gallery Updates 4 Comments

Rachel was seen filming a scene for “A Most Wanted Man” with co-stars Willem Dafoe and Grigoriy Dobrygin yesterday (October 19) in Hamburg. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jung Kostja Ullmann were also seen on set. The German site Bild.de published the exclusive story with a few on set photos. We added the two photos with Rachel in our gallery. The movie will continue to film im Hamburg until mid/late November.

  • tempjord
    Posted on October 20, 2012

    So excited for this:) Cant wait for the trailer!

  • Judy
    Posted on October 21, 2012

    Soo excited that Rachel is filming in Germany again! :)
    Can’t wait for this movie! I love Kostja Ullmann by the way, a young German actor !

  • Lindsey
    Posted on October 21, 2012

    @ Judy – I am excited as well Judy, and she might return (early) next year if “The Coldest City” gets the green light.

  • Judy
    Posted on October 27, 2012

    That would be awesome :)