8 February 2013   A Most Wanted Man Gallery Updates 7 Comments

The Hollywood Reporter released the very first still of “A Most Wanted Man” earlier today. The still features Philip Seymour Hoffman (as Günther Bachmann) in the center with (a blurry) Rachel in the foreground.

BERLIN — Anton Corbijn is in postproduction on A Most Wanted Man, the spy thriller starring Philip Seymour Hoffman opposite Rachel McAdams.

Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright also star in the movie, which is based on John le Carre’s acclaimed novel. Screenwriter Andrew Bovell adapted for the big screen.
FilmNation is representing worldwide rights to Most Wanted Man, which is virtually sold out around the world but still available in the U.S.

The spy thriller is set in present-day Hamburg, Germany, where a mysterious half-Chechen, half-Russian man, brutally scarred from torture, surfaces in the city’s Islamic community, on the run and desperate for help. He seeks to recover his late Russian father’s fortune and soon connects with a conflicted British private banker and a young female lawyer fiercely determined to protect the rights of persecuted emigres.

Nothing about the young man seems to add up — is he a victim, a thief or, worse yet, an extremist intent on destruction? All the while, they are watched by the brilliant, roguish chief of a covert German spy unit (Hoffman), who fights to put together the pieces as the clock ticks.

New financing and production venture Demarest Films is co-financing and co-producing Most Wanted Man.

  • Wendy
    Posted on February 10, 2013

    i could not get through the first chapter of the book, so hopefully the movie will be better D:

  • Scott
    Posted on February 12, 2013

    Does anybody know where i can get Rachels movie Perfect Pie on DVD??, i really need it for my r=Rachel McAdams DVD collection :)

  • Lindsey
    Posted on February 13, 2013

    @ Scott – I got my copy on Ebay.com but I also know they sell it on Amazon.com – Good luck with finding your copy Scott, I hope you can complete your collection soon :-)

  • Scott
    Posted on February 13, 2013

    yeah i saw it on Amazon but its priced at $50. hahaha so much money. all i need to finish my collection is ‘My Name is Tanino’ and ‘Perfect Pie’ than my full fimography is complete haha cant wait :D, Thankyou so much @Lindsey for the reply and i want to say your site is outstanding i visit everyday i just love the entire site, Thankyou for creating RM.org :D xx

  • Lindsey
    Posted on February 14, 2013

    @ Scott – You have to keep an eye on Ebay.com – I got my DVD for under $20 (with shipping). And a friend of mine bought a copy of ‘My Name is Tanino’ for me but I know Ebay Italy also has it. Again, good luck. It took me a little while to find copies for a reasonable price but it was worth the wait :-) And thank you for your compliment, means a a lot.

  • Scott
    Posted on February 19, 2013

    Oh thankyou so much for this info Lindsey :D
    oh and i wanted to know if we could be elites on your site?

    Best Regards x

  • Wendy
    Posted on February 24, 2013

    i am ridiculously excited for rachel’s german accent