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National Post Published: July 14, 2004 Does Rachel McAdams sit at home shaking cosmopolitans and dreaming naughty little dreams about Mr. Big? The big-screen meringue — who not only got us seriously soppy in The Notebook and seriously snickering in Mean Girls but, if the early buzz is to be believed, will also get us seriously splitting our sides in the upcoming Wedding Crashers — has a serious confession. Not

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Telegraph-Journal Published: July 7, 2004 Canadian actress Rachel McAdams does believe in romance, even if she is not so certain there is only one true match for each person. McAdams stars in The Notebook – a romance, in theatres now, that spans the decades. In the modern-day scenes, James Garner plays an elderly gentleman in a nursing home reading from a notebook to a lady (Gena Rowlands) with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The Globe and Mail Published: July 7, 2004 Gayle MacDonald finds Ontario actress and The Notebook star Rachel McAdams laughs off her newfound celebrity On screen, she’s played a cutthroat high-school sociopath (Mean Girls ). In The Hot Chick , she traded bodies with Rob Schneider and nailed the role of a bitchy, spoiled brat. In Rachel McAdams’ most recent film, the 1940s-era tearjerker, The Notebook , she’s a gorgeous

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Los Angeles Times Published: May 5, 2005 It’s meal break time on the Culver Studios set of “The Family Stone,” and Rachel McAdams is perched on a couch in one of the unassuming production offices, defending the unkind. “You see so many [scripts] where you can play that nice girl next door and it’s usually not compelling,” says McAdams, who has given hilarious life to preening high school queen bees

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Times-Dispatch Published: June 20, 2004 At this very minute, Rachel McAdams is the Next Big Thing. Next Big Thingness is nebulous. One misstep, one slight shift of the winds of fate, and it can all be gone. Countless would-be stars (Brittany Murphy, Claire Danes) can tell you that. But if all goes her way, McAdams, 25, is on the way to stardom – based on just two parts. She was

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New York Post Published: June 20, 2004 The romantic tearjerker “The Notebook” stands out in a summer of popcorn blockbusters as a prime example of counter-programming. The sentimental period drama, out Friday, is also notable for another reason: It announces 25-year-old newcomer Rachel McAdams as a superstar-in-waiting. Critics have been going gaga for the classic beauty, who effortlessly shoulders the emotional weight of the film and lights up the screen

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New York Daily News Published: June 20, 2004 HOLLYWOOD – [Rachel McAdams] has a highly sympathetic role in her new film, “The Notebook,” opening Friday. So she’s now happy to recount how much her vicious Regina was hated in “Mean Girls.” In “The Notebook,” a romantic drama based on Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novel and set in the South, McAdams, 25, plays a spunky teen socialite who, in the 1940s, falls

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National Post Published: June 18, 2004 As Canadian actress Rachel McAdams goes from a Mean Girl to lovelorn pretty girl in The Notebook, it seems her acting ability is as versatile as her hair colour The glamour and the excitement of a movie star’s life is something to behold. And some day, perhaps, Rachel McAdams will behold it. But right now, the Toronto actress is far from the opulent crowd.

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Washington Times Published: June 18, 2004 It’s easy to see why young Canadian actress Rachel McAdams has managed to make that elusive breakthrough in Hollywood – the 25- year-old is blessed with being pretty, thin and blond. But the former competitive skater and theatre graduate can also act, as she proves in the two very different roles she has out on British screens this summer. In Mean Girls, Ontario-born Rachel

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Washington Times Published: June 15, 2004 That’s a wrap “The Wedding Crashers,” the forthcoming comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn that filmed extensively in the District and on the Eastern Shore, is in the can. “We just finished a few days ago,” reported co-star Rachel McAdams, the 27-year-old starlet of “Mean Girls” and “The Notebook.” “Owen and Vince were awesome,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “You can’t take your

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Harbour City Star Published: May 22, 2004 Rachel McAdams hates to admit it, but when she was growing up in the southwestern Ontario town of St. Thomas, there was a time when she behaved like a genuine “mean girl.” So when she was cast for a key role in Paramount’s new hit film, Mean Girls, she already knew a lot about her character. McAdams plays Regina, aka The Queen Bee.

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National Post Published: May 5, 2004 As the blong queen in “Mean Girls”, Rachel McAdams is making a name for herself. She’s the 25-year-old actress who’s incredibly proud, but amazingly modest, about the glowing reviews she’s received playing a 17-year-old manipulative control freak. Even better for McAdams, who grew up in St. Thomas, near London, Ont., is this: She probably won’t get hassled in public after playing the “meanest girl,”

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The Canadian Press Published: April 29, 2004 LOS ANGELES (CP) – Rachel McAdams is a lean mean acting machine. The small-town girl from St. Thomas, Ont., did not grow up rich, or spoiled or mean, but she’s able to weave all of these qualities into the self-absorbed main meanie in the movie Mean Girls, which opens Friday. She plays Regina, a leggy, fashion-obsessed manipulator who is not a whole lot

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San Francisco Chronicle Published: April 2, 2004 Bright future: In the old Hollywood, Rachel McAdams would have been dubbed a starlet. The 25-year-old actress, last seen in a small role in “The Hot Chick,” has catapulted to the lead in “The Notebook,” a touching romance premiering at ShoWest. Although the movie also stars the far-better-known James Garner and Gena Rowlands, McAdams appears on the poster embracing Ryan Gosling. McAdams seemed

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New York Daily News Published: January 4, 2004 HOLLYWOOD – The actors and actresses presented here (and on pages 4 and 5) may not all turn out to be household names, but all of them have a shot at the big time, if the insider buzz is to be believed. But why does one unknown become “hot” while another waits desperately for the phone to ring? “My radar is tripped