28 May 2015   Aloha Movie News Comments Off on “Aloha” Review Round-Up

Only one more day until the release of “Aloha” in the U.S. and the first reviews are finally getting released. While the movie isn’t receiving good reviews so far, most of them do seem to enjoy the performances in the movie and especially Rachel’s performance as Tracy. A round-up of the reviews can be found below, especially those who highlight Rachel’s performance. We will edit this post when more reviews are released.

“Even with its off-balance, overstuffed storytelling, the film maintains a charm and energy that never flags, with brisk pacing and generally engaging performances from its deep-bench cast […] McAdams, meanwhile, plays likely the strongest, most rounded female character Crowe has ever written, a woman suddenly face to face with the life she has and the one she might have had, and the actress brings a grounded, unforced earthiness to the role that is a joy to watch.”
Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

28 May 2015   Aloha Gallery Updates Media Archive Comments Off on “Aloha” LA Screening Additional Coverage

More high quality additional images of Rachel during the special “Aloha” screening yesterday held at The London West Hollywood in West Hollywood are added to our gallery. Rachel was joined by her co-stars Emma Stone and Danielle Rose Russell. Writer/Director Cameron Crowe, Sony President Doug Belgrad, Sony Chairman Tom Rothman and TriStar President Dwight Caines also joined the cast on the red carpet. The first videos have also been added in our video archive. The movie also stars Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride and Alec Baldwin and will be released in the U.S. tomorrow, May 29!

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Self Portrait dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, a Lee Savage bag, and Dana Rebecca and Melissa Kaye jewels. She’s styled by Rob & Mariel, with make-up by her sister Kayleen and hair by Maranda. Many thanks to my friends Nicole, from Lily James Source & Adoring Emilia Clarke, and Haylie from Kristen Kreuk Daily & Chyler Leigh Network, for their donations!

27 May 2015   Aloha Gallery Updates 1 Comment

Rachel attended a special screening for “Aloha” tonight in Los Angeles alongside co-stars Emma Stone & Danielle Rose Russell and writer/director Cameron Crowe. The first high quality images have been added in our gallery and we hope we can add more additions later on. The movie will be released in the U.S. on Friday, May 29.

25 May 2015   Aloha Media Archive Comments Off on “Aloha” Video Featurettes

We have added two “Aloha” featurettes in our video archives. The movie will be released this week on May 29 in the U.S. Average Socialite is reporting there will not be a red carpet premiere and only special private screenings. The international release dates can be found on the official facebook page of the movie.

22 May 2015   Movie News The Little Prince 1 Comment

The Little Prince” had it’s first press screening during the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival earlier today. Rachel did not attend the press events but the director Mark Osborne, co-star Mackenzie Foy and actors who are voicing the international versions of the movie attended the photocall and press conference. The first reviews are getting released. We will round-up the reviews in this post and update it when more are getting released.

“The Little Prince turns out to be a respectful, lovingly reimagined take on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic 1943 tale […] the film remains a consistent visual treat (the computer animation is more inspired in this section, with the grown-ups depicted as a colorless, zombified mass of tall, narrow bodies) and always echoes Saint-Exupery’s core theme of looking at the world through the hopeful, uncorrupted eyes of a child, where sometimes what appears to be a hat may in fact be a boa constrictor with an elephant inside.”
Scott Foundas, Variety

Wild Bunch released the official press kit for “The Little Prince” ahead of it’s 2015 Cannes Film Festival premiere. The movie will have it’s world premiere tomorrow during the festival. The press kit features an in-depth plot description and a detailed description of the production process. It also features quotes by the leading cast, including Rachel. Excerpts can be found below but be sure to head over to our press archive to read the entire press kit.

On Reading The Book: “I read the book when I was in my 20s. A friend gave it to me as a present, and when I read the book it meant a lot to me. I think Saint-Exupéry’s book says different things to you at different stages of your life.”

On Working With Director Mark Osborne: “I was so excited to be part of this movie, and I loved ‘Kung Fu Panda’, so I knew our director Mark (Osborne) was going to do a wonderful job with the adaptation. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to animation.”

On Her Character” “I play the Little Girl’s Mother, who is a working single mom. She has this massive, intricate life plan for her daughter and wants her to follow the rules to a tee. The Mother is a little high-strung, but she means well. She and her daughter are a real team until the Little Girl drifts away.”

On The Movie: “The Little Prince [Movie] does a fantastic job of celebrating life’s mysteries. When we grow up, it’s easy to need an answer for every question. Just like the book, the movie pays attention to the importance of enjoying the journey and our relationships, and not necessarily understanding everything. It all circles back to the famous quote from the book, which is ‘What is essential is invisible to the eye’.”

It’s not yet announced if Rachel will attend tomorrow’s premiere. Director Mark Osborne and co-star Mackenzie Foy confirmed they are heading to the premiere via their official twitter accounts.

18 May 2015   Movie News Southpaw Comments Off on “Southpaw” Selected For 2015 Ischia Global Film Festival

Various media outlets, including Yahoo! Italy, are reporting that “Southpaw” will have it’s world premiere during the 13th Annual Ischia Global Film & Music Fest in Italy. The movie will be the opening film of the festival. The festival runs from July 11-19 held in Ischia, Italy. Rachel stars in the movie alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Naomie Harris, 50 Cent, Rita Ora, and Oona Laurence. The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua. Producer Harvey Weinstein – from The Weinstein Company – recently revealed that the movie was offered a slot during the Cannes Film Festival but was unable to get screened in competition because Jake’s jury duties. The movie will be released on July 24 in the U.S. and U.K.

Update: THR confirms the news. “Southpaw” will be the opening film of Ischia Global Fest. Let’s hope Rachel and the rest of the cast and crew are able to attend!

17 May 2015   Aloha Media Archive Comments Off on “Aloha” On-Set Interview, B-Roll & TV Spots

The theatrical release of “Aloha” is less than two weeks away for the U.S. so more promotional material is getting released. We have added the official on-set interview of Rachel in our video archive, as well as the first B-Roll and new TV spots.

Rachel’s co-stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone attended a special screening for the movie yesterday in London. Bradley is currently located there for his West End play The Elephant Man. We hope the U.S. promotion tour will kick-off soon, but so far no press events have been announced.

16 May 2015   Aloha 1 Comment

Writer-director Cameron Crowe did a twitter Q&A for “Aloha” with IMDB. His official website, TheUncool.com, made a nice recap. The excerpts of answers focussing on Rachel can be found below.

What was it like having Emma and Rachel together in Hawaii!? Two of my all time favorite actresses!
The scenes they appear in together are among my favorite. They are both very soulful, very funny and a blast to direct. Rachel really committed herself to knowing Hawaiian culture, and spent months there. Same with Emma learning about life as a fighter pilot.

How did you choose the cast?
Everything began with the great Emma Stone then we built from there. Emma was the catalyst. Bradley next. Then Rachel became available. Krasinski, McBride, Bill Murray. One by one, a dream cast developed. Always such a thrill to have Alec Baldwin with us too. We had a great time on “Elizabethtown.”

Did you hire any Hawaiians from the local community where you shot the film?
Not only was local community so inspiring to us, we wanted to hire many of them as actors and to make sure to pay respect and help educate everyone on the mainland about the rich history and culture of Hawaii. All of us, especially Emma and Bradley and Rachel, were very psyched about honoring Hawaii within the story of the movie. Check it out!!

Be sure to head over to TheUncool.com for the entire recap. “Aloha” will be released on May 29 in the U.S. The press junket will be held in London according to Slash Film but “limited talent” will be available. It’s not yet announced if Rachel will attend the junket.

15 May 2015   Gallery Updates Interviews Magazines Press Archive Comments Off on Marie Claire June 2015 Digital Scans

The digital magazine scans of Rachel’s Marie Claire June 2015 cover story have been added in our gallery. The transcript of the interview, as well as the Behind The Cover stories have been added in our press archive. The magazine is already on digital newsstands and will hit physical newsstands on May 19.

No more Ms. Nice Guy. As a rough-around-the-edges law enforcer in this month’s cult crime show True Detective, Rachel McAdams is like nothing we’ve seen before. Which is just the way she likes it.

Rachel McAdams shows up for our interview in an electric car the size of a toaster. We’re high up in L.A.’s Fryman Canyon on a bright, breezy spring morning, and McAdams is wearing a baggy maroon hoodie, no-name sunglasses, spandex leggings, and a Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap. Her hair is four inches of black roots plus three inches of bleached-out surf-rat frizz at the ends. Her makeup is slim to none. If anyone has ever wondered what the opposite of a movie star entrance looks like, it’s safe to say this is it.
» Read entire interview

The Weinstein Company presented their upcoming slate during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, which kicked off on Wednesday, and Rachel’s co-star Jake Gyllenhaal joined Harvey Weinstein during the presentation. An interesting fact was revealed: apparently “Southpaw” was selected for the Cannes Film Festival, but it was unable to play in competition because Jake is part of the jury. The Wrap is reporting TWC will show the movie privately at the festival the coming days. Variety is reporting the following story:

The Weinstein Co.’s Cannes presentation is always an early launching pad for fall awards season. But on Thursday afternoon at the Majestic Hotel, Harvey Weinstein actually started handicapping the 2016 Oscars race from the South of France.

Joined by Jake Gyllenhaal onstage, Weinstein said it was an outrage that the star was snubbed for his performance in “Nightcrawler,” which was released by Open Road Films last fall. “We’ll get revenge,” Weinstein said. “This transformation in ‘Southpaw’ is amazing,” Weinstein added about the upcoming summer movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, where Gyllenhaal plays a professional boxer. Weinstein revealed that “Southpaw” had been selected for Cannes, but it couldn’t play in competition because Gyllenhaal is a member of the jury.

Even though Weinstein compared the film to “Raging Bull,” it also looks like an entertaining summer crowd-pleaser. The new trailer reveals a plot twist involving Rachel McAdams (who plays Gyllenhaal’s wife) that suggests her role in the film might not be large. The drama, which showcases another major transformation for Gyllenhaal, comes across as “Rocky” meets “The Pursuit of Happyness.”
Grade: A-

Rachel’s upcoming animated movie “The Little Prince” did get selected for the festival and is screening out of competition. The movie will have it’s premiere screening next week on May 22nd. The movie was also part of Weinstein’s presentation because they will release it in “select European and Australian territories” according to Deadline. Variety gave the trailer the following grade:

The Little Prince
This film based on the classic children’s story is the most promising animated pic to come out of the Weinstein Co. in years.
Grade: B+